Pack of 4 Ice Cream Sticks


Once a user clicks on this on the order now page, the product page opens. In the product page we would like you to add an option of right swiping the image to see images of individual products which are a part of the combo.
This Celebration Pack Includes:
  • One Vanilicious Ice cream Stick: Richness  of classic vanilla, sprinkled with sweet memories. ( 100ml)
  • One Cold Coffee Ice cream Stick: Inspired by conversations and college canteens, with fresh brewed coffee and cream.(100 ml)
  • One Red Velvet Cake Ice cream Stick: Indulgent red velvet, designed to make you fall in love.(90ml)
  • One Cherry Bubblegum Ice cream Stick:Borrowed from your childhood nostalgia, infused with cherries.(100ml)


Handcrafted Product
100% Vegetarian
Instagrammable Delight