Pack Of 2 Ice cream Jars and 4 Ice cream Sticks


This Celebration Pack includes:

  • One Chocolate Fruit n Nut Ice cream Jar (Classic): Rich Chocolate ice cream with generous helping of roasted almonds , raisins  with a swirl of  chocolate fudge sauce (450ml)
  • One Strawberry Sorbet Ice cream Jar (Vegan), Refreshing taste of fresh luscious strawberries is a delight (450ml).
  • One Vanilicious Ice cream Stick: Richness  of classic vanilla, sprinkled with sweet memories. ( 100ml)
  • One Cold Coffee Ice cream Stick: Inspired by conversations and college canteens, with fresh brewed coffee and cream.(100 ml)
  • One Peanut Butter Ice cream Stick: Curated around healthy  snack fantasy with dollops of peanut butter.(90ml)
  • One Strawberry Ice cream Stick: Elusive touch of strawberry, complemented with the drizzle of white chocolate.(100ml)


Finest Artisanal product 100% Vegetarian
Easy to carry & store in freezer
Transparent & reusable Jars
Handcrafted Sticks which are an Instagrammable Delight