Sweet Treat Gift Box


Includes a special gift box of 3Ice Cream Jars and 4 Ice Cream Sticks
  1. Blueberry CremeIce Cream Jar: a union of blueberry goodness and delicious creme (450ml)
  2. Hazelnut Coffee Ice Cream Jar:When coffee decides to meet hazelnut, things can get nutty (450ml)
  3. Cold Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Jar:A Cooler version of Hot chocolate fudge sundae with waffles.(450ml)
  4. Cold Coffee Ice Cream Stick Inspired by conversations and college canteens, with fresh brewed coffee and cream(100ml)
  5. Red Velvet Ice Cream Stick:The perfect blend of our ice creams and the red velvet cake is here for you to cherish(90ml)
  6. Vanilicious Ice Cream Stick: Richness of classic vanilla, sprinkled with sweet memories (100ml)
  7. Peanut Butter Ice Cream Stick: Curated around a healthy snack fantasy with dollops of peanut butter (100ml)